DRIVE 2024 – 05-05-2024


A few years ago, we started gathering with about 25 GT-Rs. This group quickly grew larger and larger. Generally, GT-R owners are true enthusiasts who consciously choose this beautiful Japanese car with enormous tuning potential. Meanwhile, we have organized the DRIVE event for 6 years, and each time, new cars join that leave us in awe. From the ultimate standard models to fully original Liberty Walk, various Top Secret versions, Nismos, and custom-made gems according to individual tastes. In terms of engines, there might be even more standouts, ranging from 500 to 2000 horsepower! There are very few that have remained completely stock.

Our goal is to bring together the most unique group of GT-Rs and owners to share the hobby. Last year, we counted over 115 Nissan GT-R R35s, supplemented by a few older versions. Of course, this year, we aim to surpass this number again, and it already seems like we will succeed. This would mean that once again, it will be one of the largest Nissan GT-R gatherings Europe has ever seen!

We want to make it clear that the official day event is on Sunday, May 5, 2024. However, for participants who come for the entire weekend or for those in the Netherlands who are interested, there is a full weekend program. So, you can choose whether you only attend on Sunday or take advantage of our options for a few nights’ stay. We offer various possibilities, and we will first present the overall picture.


Depending on how you’re fixed for time, we have a number of options that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Drive officially opens on Sunday 05th May 2024 as one day event, but for those travelling from far and wide or for those from the Netherlands who are also interested in this, you have the option of arriving on either Thursday, Friday, or Saturday which makes for a fun weekend away as a lone wolf, or your partner in crime.


Here are your options to map out your time with us. Each option will take your through to a separate landing page where you can check out and pay by selecting the number of passengers and you tour pass:

Sunday DRIVE 2024 Click here for DRIVE 2024

Travelpack 1: Click here for Travelpack 1
Thursday evening overnight stay + Friday evening overnight stay + Saturday program + Saturday evening overnight stay + Sunday DRIVE 2024 + Sunday evening overnight stay

Travelpack 2: Click here for Travelpack 2
Friday evening overnight stay + Saturday program + Saturday evening overnight stay + Sunday DRIVE 2024 + Sunday evening overnight stay

Travelpack 3: Click here for Travelpack 3
Saturday program + Saturday evening overnight stay + Sunday DRIVE 2024 + Sunday evening overnight stay

Travelpack 4: Click here for Travelpack 4:
Sunday DRIVE 2024 + Sunday evening overnight stay

Travelpack 5: Click here for Travelpack 5:
Saturday evening overnight stay + Sunday DRIVE 2024

Travelpack 6: Click here for Travelpack 6
Friday evening overnight stay + Saturday program + Saturday evening overnight stay + Sunday DRIVE 2024

If your have issues with the checkout, you can use this form instead: Easy checkout form


If you fancy attending the whole weekend (Thursday/Friday to Monday) you’re in for a real treat. Our first stay over will be in the amazing city of Amsterdam where you can kick back in the surroundings of the Hotel Valk Zuidas before heading out on town to experience the atmospheric culture, famous canals, boutiques and if you want it, the best nightlife the region has to offer.

The following morning (Saturday) after hearty breakfast (some of you will need it haha) we have planned a fun, truly typical Dutch day for you. We’ll roll together from the North of Holland to the South which opens a drive along the Fjords, highways and country roads comprising of some scheduled stops in areas of natural beauty, historic venues.


After a delightful overnight stay and breakfast, we will commence the fully developed and hassle-free Sunday program. This is the “real event.” This day is all about camaraderie and stunning roads. In the morning, we will gather between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. Around 11 a.m., we will set off for the first part of the beautiful route. Not only will we traverse the Netherlands, but we will also venture into a small part of Germany. The gorgeous hilly landscape will guide us through dark forests and along serene rivers. We will be meticulous in planning the route, ensuring it is suitable for lowered cars even at regular speeds. We will personally test the route with a lowered GT-R R35. If your car is exceptionally low or has protruding parts, you should also stay vigilant. Tricky spots will be clearly indicated in the route book.

Midway through the route, we will provide an extensive lunch, allowing you to take a break and stretch your legs. You can choose from various meat/fish/vegetarian dishes, and non-alcoholic beverages are included. If you have specific dietary preferences, please mention them in the comments section during registration, and we will accommodate them. We do not serve alcoholic beverages during lunch as it is challenging for us to control who gets behind the wheel afterward.

After lunch, we will continue our journey via a beautiful route towards the final destination, Meppen Circuit. Here, we will arrange for a good BBQ or a similar event. So, you’ll conclude the day with a satisfied stomach.

After the meal (or during), we have 2 hours of track time at Meppen. If you want to legally test your car, feel free to unleash its full potential. You have complete freedom here, whether you want to spend the entire 2 hours on the circuit or do a few laps and enjoy the other activities on the track.

There will be ample time for post-event discussions, and if you wish, we offer overnight stays at the same hotel as Saturday night, namely Hotel Ruimzicht. So, if you stay overnight on Saturday, your belongings can remain at the hotel, which is convenient when navigating through wooded and winding roads.

We would like to emphasize once again that this event is not specifically for the R35. You are also very welcome with a beautiful R32, R33, or R34. A well-maintained GT-S is also appreciated. However, we will selectively choose to distinguish enthusiasts.


As Europe’s largest GT-R meeting we celebrate ownership in a community setting of the mighty R32, R33, R34 and R35 GT-R variants and we’d love you to join this year in designated parking areas as a tribute to the brand.


The Hotels, we have chosen are highly recommended and offer affordable luxury without breaking bank. Each property offers you secure/private parking and a complimentary breakfast (see full details of the properties below)

The Tour, parts of the route on the Sunday cover undulating roads in the mountain region and although they pose no issue for lowered cars (we’ve driven it in our own car(lowered GT-R R35.) we recommend slower speeds throughout these sections to avoid any upset to you, or those following you and we’ll of course red flag these sectors on the detailed hardcopy route planner you’ll receive.

Driving styles and red mist, hey we’ve all been there and it needs no explaining as we want you to have an amazing time, but all we ask is that you’re courteous to your fellow companions (spacing and signalling 101) and most importantly you observe the speed limits and the local communities we pass through that are going about their daily business. (speed traps/camera/police apps to consider are Flitsmeister and Waze for peace of mind)

The last thing we want is unnecessary attention from the authorities and we hope you’ll respect our wishes!

Aftermovie and Photo’s from last year!