DRIVE 2023 – 30-04-2023


The answers simple, imagine over 100 of the UK and Europe’s best R35 and Skyline GT-R’s getting together against some of the most stunning backdrops the Netherlands has to offer, then add in a heathy selection of luxury hotels, ongoing entertainment and above all that famous Dutch hospitality and you’ll only be halfway there!

DRIVE, which started out with the simple idea of uniting fellow owners has now become the pinnacle GT-R meeting for the import scene in Europe. Last year we saw over 74 cars from the UK, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands in attendance and this year we aim to surpass that with over one hundred cars on location making this event a wild and a truly memorable time.

That would mean this will be one of the biggest Nissan GT-R gatherings Europe has seen! This day is made possible thanks to help from Battalion30five & MRT-Automotive.


Depending on how you’re fixed for time, we have a number of options that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Drive officially opens on Sunday 30th April as one day event, but for those travelling from far and wide or for those from the Netherlands who are also interested in this, you have the option of arriving on either Friday 28th, or Saturday 29th of April which makes for a fun weekend away as a lone wolf, or your partner in crime.


If you fancy attending the whole weekend (Friday to Monday) you’re in for a real treat. Our first stay over will be in the amazing city of Amsterdam where you can kick back in the surroundings of the Hotel Valk Zuidas before heading out on town to experience the atmospheric culture, famous canals, boutiques and if you want it, the best nightlife the region has to offer.

The following morning (Saturday) after hearty breakfast (some of you will need it haha) we have planned a fun, truly typical Dutch day for you. We’ll roll together from the North of Holland to the South which opens a drive along the Fjords, highways and country roads comprising of 8 scheduled stops in areas of natural beauty, historic venues and the tuning giant that is MRT Automotive where you can check out their cars, get refreshments and have photo ops with the media team. Naturally you are free to make the day your own and you may wish to stay at a particular location in which case we’ll see you at the final stop when we check in at the Chateau St. Gerlach to freshen up. Upon arrival you can arrange dinner as you choose or simply frequent the bar, either way you can just ease down and soak up the facilities of one of the finest Boutique Hotels the region has to offer.

The final stop see’s us check in at the Chateau St. Gerlach to freshen up and have dinner after which you can just ease down and soak up the facilities of one of the best Boutique Hotels the region has to offer (most agreeable). You have the option to join for dinner, this is optional but we want to know in advance how many people we can count on. You will receive a message about this after registration.

Alternatively, you may prefer checking in on 29th (Saturday to Monday) if can’t make the Friday stay over and that’s cool with us. We can either meet you for dinner if you fancy it, or maybe you’d just a few drinks at the bar, the choice is yours and we’ll be glad to see you.


Well rested and ready for action is the order of the day! After breakfast we’ll aim to get everyone together at 10am before setting off after a route briefing at 11am to embark on our epic tour of the Belgian Ardennes which offers breath taking scenery set against a backdrop of stunning mountainous landscapes and winding roads. We will be very critical about the route here, even with a lowered car the route will be easy to drive at normal speed. We will also drive the route ourselves with a lowered GT-R R35.

The midpoint of the tour offers a stop in a stunning setting for a delicious lunch comprising of fresh meat, fish and vegetarian options that cater for everyone’s tastes (just let us know in advance if you have specific dietary requirements and we’ll accommodate you) along with a compliment of non-alcoholic refreshments to sustain us for the final leg of the tour.

Once fed and watered we’ll push on into the dark and enchanted forests and natural Fjords that hug winding roads and countryside passes to the final stop where you can catch your breath and enjoy an open fire BBQ for a light supper before we head back home or if you spend the night at the hotel, to the Chateaux for the end of tour after party. So if you also spend the night here on Saturday and Sunday evening, your belongings can simply remain in the chateau.

The price of this day event is 100 euros per person.


As Europe’s largest GT-R meeting we celebrate ownership in a community setting of the mighty R32, R33, R34 and R35 GT-R variants and we’d love you to join this year in designated parking areas as a tribute to the brand.


The Hotels, we have chosen are highly recommended and offer affordable luxury without breaking bank. Each property offers you secure/private parking and a complimentary breakfast (see full details of the properties below)

The Tour, parts of the route on the Sunday cover undulating roads in the mountain region and although they pose no issue for lowered cars (we’ve driven it in our own car(lowered GT-R R35.) we recommend slower speeds throughout these sections to avoid any upset to you, or those following you and we’ll of course red flag these sectors on the detailed hardcopy route planner you’ll receive.

Driving styles and red mist, hey we’ve all been there and it needs no explaining as we want you to have an amazing time, but all we ask is that you’re courteous to your fellow companions (spacing and signalling 101) and most importantly you observe the speed limits and the local communities we pass through that are going about their daily business. (speed traps/camera/police apps to consider are Flitsmeister and Waze for peace of mind)

The last thing we want is unnecessary attention from the authorities and we hope you’ll respect our wishes!   


Here are your options to map out your time with us. Each option will take your through to a separate landing page where you can check out and pay by selecting the number of passengers and you tour pass:

At the moment the friday evening rooms have been sold out for the original price. We do know they have a few left. If you would like to registrate for Travelpack 1 or Travelpack 3 please contact us by e-mail so we can ask the hotel for the prices. The longer you’ll wait the higher the price will be.

Sunday DRIVE 2023 Click here for DRIVE 2023

Travelpack 1: Click here for Travelpack 1
Friday evening overnight stay + Saturday program + Saturday evening overnight stay + Sunday DRIVE 2023 + Sunday evening overnight stay

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Saturday evening overnight stay + Sunday DRIVE 2023 + Sunday evening overnight stay

Travelpack 3: Click here for Travelpack 3
Friday evening overnight stay + Saturday program + Saturday evening overnight stay + Sunday DRIVE 2023

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Saturday evening overnight stay + Sunday DRIVE 2023

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